Does Wisdom support complex AJAX sites? Yes!

John Gracey

John Gracey

Team Wisdom

Does Wisdom support complex AJAX sites?

Yes! Wisdom at it's core records all HTML and Browser State. Because Wisdom doesn't actually depend upon JavaScript state, it is compatible with all frameworks and site architectures such as Wordpress, Angular, and React. Wisdom goes further, with optional recording of HTML5 Canvases.

Watch the video below for a walk through of using Wisdom to record Facebook, in live time.

Some advanced recording capabilities include:

  • SVG & XML namespaces
  • CSS Pseudo Selectors: :Hover :Target ::Select
  • Window dimensions, positions.
  • HTML5 Video (No JS triggered support yet)
  • Multitouch gestures & events
  • CSS Keyframe Animations


There are however some technical and business limitations that do currently exist within the Wisdom system:

  • Cross-Origin IFrames - Wisdom Script must be running within all frame contexts.
  • WebGL - Not currently supported.
  • Plugins such as Flash, Java, Silverlight, etc. - Deprecated technologies that will not be supported.
  • HTML5 Shadow DOM - (Web Components) Under investigation for future development.