Using Replayed Remote Developer Tools

John Gracey

John Gracey

Team Wisdom

What are Remote Developer Tools

Developer tools help developers uncover bugs and performance concerns. Wisdom provides access to advanced browser information, console logs, error stack traces, HTML5 storage (cookies), network requests, and lets you inspect the HTML DOM in real time.

Using Wisdom's Remote Developer Tools

Using Wisdom developer tools is easy. Inside the user session gallery, for both live and historical recorded sessions, you can view the developer tools for any particular replayed browser by clicking on the virtual browser's

icon in the navigation control bar.

Click on the virtual browser's

icon in the control bar.

Console Logs & Error Stack Traces

Console logs (log, info, debug, warn, and error) and thrown Errors can be read from the Console tab inside the developer tools view.

On the far right of the console log view, you can click on the resource link to view the unminified stacktrace code that triggered the console or error event.

HTML5 Storage & Cookies

HTML5 Storage & Cookies can be seen from the Storage tab inside the developer tools view. Please note, some cookie entries are restricted from front-end JavaScript recording. This occurs when cookies are protected with HttpOnly or Secure flags.

Resource Performance Timeline

When network monitoring is enabled, Wisdom records the performance details of all web resources loaded on the page, like JS, CSS, images, videos, XML/JSON etc. Please note, for security reasons some browsers do not display network timing for cross origin resources unless they are served with the Timing-Allow-Origin HTTP header.