Censoring Sensitive Information

John Gracey

John Gracey

Team Wisdom


Wisdom goes to great lengths to ensure sensitive information never makes it to our servers. Wisdom's tracking can be configured within your project's config page, or manually using JavaScript.

Input Field Censorship

By default, any input that has any one of the following attributes set to type="password", autocomplete="cc-number" (credit card number) or autocomplete="cc-csc" (credit card security code), is censored.

Any element that includes the attribute x-wisdom-private has the input's values safely ignored by Wisdom.

Any element that includes the attribute x-wisdom-censor has the input's values censored, only disclosing the character length of the value.

Examples of Inputs that would be censored.

<input type="password"><input>
<input type="name" x-wisdom-private><input>
<input type="email" x-wisdom-censor><input>