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Installing the Wisdom Recording SnippetLast updated: Sep 18th, 2017

Setting up and installing Wisdom in your Web Application is easy. Simply add in the below minified JavaScript code, subsitute your own Account ID and provide a unique Identity ID for each recorded user, for example, your customer’s email address.

  !function(W,I,S,D,O,M){"use strict";if(S.__WISDOM__INIT__OBJECT_REFERENCE=W,!(W in S)){var f=S[W]=function(){arguments.length&&f.q.push({args:arguments,ts:new Date})};f.ts=new Date,f.q=[];var g=D.createElement("script");g.src=""+(I|0),g.type="text/javascript",g.charset="UTF-8",g.crossOrigin="anonymous",g.async=!0;var h=D.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];h.parentNode.insertBefore(g,h)}}("wisdom",1,window,document);

  wisdom('init', __ACCOUNT_ID_HERE__, {}, {
    identityId: __USER_IDENTITY_ID_HERE__,  /* Example: */
    name: __USER_EMAIL_HERE__               /* Optional, Example: John Doe */

Client Script API:


Usage: wisdom('init', ACCOUNT_ID, USER_ID, CONFIGS);

Parameter Type Description
ACCOUNT_ID Mandatory String Your Wisdom assigned Account ID.
USER Optional Object Object containing the user’s attributes, like IdentityId, name, email company etc.
CONFIGS Optional Object Specifies advanced configurations to override the remotely configurations set on the tracking page.
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