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Setting Up User Data ContextLast updated: Sep 2nd, 2017

What is User Data Context

The user profile panel provides insight into user data, like lifetime spending, products purchased and contact information. This is a marked departure from traditional analytics providers whereby they directly collect analytics events. Wisdom believes you already have access to relevant customer data. Wisdom queries a configurable HTTP URL endpoint to dynamically display data.

Customizing the Queried URL

From within the Accounts page, you can set the Secret Key and the User Data Endpoint. From the user gallery, the User Data Endpoint will be called using HTTP GET, with identityId and hash query parameters added. The hash parameter will be a SHA512 hash of (secret+identityId). The identityId of the user is typically the user’s email address.

By default, the URL endpoint is set to a fake JSON data source for demonstration purposes,

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